Arrested Professor Called Master Manipulator

Students say he used position of power to create sexual situations with male students

Vance Fulkerson boasts an extensive network of show-business contacts, is a highly sought conference presenter and has been responsible for bringing prestige and top talent to the University of Northern Colorado’s highly regarded School of Theatre Arts and Dance for nearly two decades.

At that school, however, there were students who found him to be a master manipulator, a sexual predator who at times used the promise of opportunity or the threat of academic repercussion to carefully target and pursue closeted and openly gay young men.

Those who went along were known as “Vance’s Boys.”

Some who didn’t say they were harassed or sexually violated.

Students felt like they had no recourse, and a former school official complains that sexual harassment policies were not always clear. The university has hired an outside company, which along with the state attorney general’s office is now investigating to determine what the school could have done differently.

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