Sexual Trespass: The Tricky Part

A photo of a triumphant 12-year-old Martin Moran, then of Denver, accompanies the playwright onstage in 'The Tricky Part,' reminding the audience of his frame of reference. The photo was taken at St. Malo Center Catholic retreat near Allenspark by camp counselor Robert Kosanke — the man who would later sexually abuse him over the next three years.

A pedophile preyed on Martin Moran at 12. But the tricky part would be his struggle to come to terms with his own complicity in allowing one stolen sexual moment to grow into a three-year relationship with a sex offender.

“That was, in fact, my sexual awakening, and there was beauty in it. There was horror in it, too. This was a man who was screwed up and deficient and sick.” – Martin Moran

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