Nick Cave: You Sweaty, Sexy Beast

Nick Cave performs at the Ogden Theater in Denver on Sept. 26. Photo by Laurie Scavo.

Aussie brings his swagger – and Stagger Lee – to Denver

Demon seed was spilled on the Ogden Theatre stage on Friday as Nick Cave and his Bad Seeds delivered a testosterone-fueled throwback set that proved the vigorous Aussie, four days removed from his own 51st birthday party, has likely made some kind of deal with the devil
somewhere along the way.

In a hall that felt appropriately more like a furnace, Cave alternately played sidewalk preacher, cautionary prophet and paranoid acolyte. The dapper, stringy-haired devil in a sweet suit lorded over the crowd with his heathen, boot-kicking swagger. At any age, Cave is one hard-working, sweaty, sexy beast.

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