Final Farewell to Mile High Stadium

Today’s game marks the end of making memories at Mile High Stadium

The stories that made Mile High Stadium such a venerable old stomping ground have been told and re-told. You’ve heard them all: The Fumble. The Boss. The Pope.

But the stories that will be told around family dinner tables for generations to come are the ones you don’t usually read about in the newspaper.

Mile High Stadium has been a dramatic backdrop for thousands of ordinary tales. Our engagements, birthdays and escapades. When it closes, so too will a chapter of our lives, and with it any future chapters.

Maybe that’s why it’s so hard to say goodbye, no matter how happy we are with its replacement. You can build a new building and put the old name on it, but that doesn’t make you any less sad to see the original go. My old Regis High School closed in north Denver and reopened in Aurora, but that doesn’t make it my old school.

When my bosses asked me to pen one last goodbye to Mile High Stadium, my instinct was to revisit the Broncos’ 20-17 AFC Championship win over the Oakland Raiders on Jan. 1, 1978; the Colorado Rockies’ first opening day before 80,227 on April 9, 1993; and the pope’s visit before 90,000 on Aug. 12, 1993.

But those moments have been gnashed and rehashed. What else is left to tell? Well, our stories. Yours and mine.

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