Playwriting: “Dilly Bar,” Boys Being Boys

“Dilly Bar” was selected for performance at the 2004 Playwrights Showcase of the Western Region at the Arvada Center in Arvada, Colo. It was submitted under a pseudonym, Stephen Peters (the author’s middle names). It was directed by Edith Weiss.


“Dilly Bar” takes place in the suburban backyard of two brothers, age 12 and 14. It could be played by age-appropriate actors, by young adult men without juvenile affectation.

PETER is 14. He is fixing a flat tire on his upside-down Schwinn bicycle when he is approached by his youngest brother with an urgent problem.

KEITH is 12. He would really, really like to believe he has just made his crossroads into young manhood, but he’s just not sure. So he is in the vulnerable position of needing his cocky older brother’s confirmation.

KEITH comes barreling through the back screen door and moves purposefully to his brother.


KEITH: What’s an organism?

PETER: What do I look like, a dictionary? Like dad always says … Look it up.

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